Find a Local AFCPE® Certified Professional​

  Find a Virtual AFCPE® Certified Professional​

An AFCPE Certified Professional can:

Address your immediate money challenge.

Create a plan to achieve your unique goals & dreams.

Build a sustainable foundation for long-term financial well-being.

When you work with an AFCPE certified professional you receive financial education and guidance specific to your unique situation and needs.
An AFCPE certified professional will never sell you products. 


Always look for the AFC®, FFC®, or AFCC® mark. 

These designations give you the assurance that this professional has the education, experience, and highest ethical standards to help you through your specific financial challenges and opportunities. 


Determine where you’d like to start. 

AFCPE certified professionals are trained to provide a continuum of care – regardless of your financial history or current financial status. They can help you uncover the healthy money habits and behaviors that can lead to financial freedom. Start where you need help now:
  • Create an effective spending plan 
  • Overcome debt
  • Identify and modify ineffective money management behaviors
  • Prepare and save for retirement and other financial goals

An AFCPE certified professional will work closely to guide you  through today’s challenges while helping you develop a solid financial foundation that can last a lifetime.


Find an AFCPE certified professional that fits your needs. 

Whether you are interested in face-to-face meetings, phone, or email conversations, search above for an AFCPE certified professional who can meet your needs…right where you are. 

Certification Verification

Use this directory to confirm if a professional is AFCPE certified and in good standing. You can filter by qualification and name to determine the existence of their certification. Individuals that have marked their certification as private are not displayed.

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